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21 юни, 2021

Kiril Grigorov, General Manager of CyberOne, speaking at Bulgarian Digital Week

The top cybersecurity expert Kiril Grigorov will comment on “Insurance as a tool for cyber risk management” on Monday, June 21. His lecture is part of the International Cybersecurity & Digital ...

1 юни, 2021

Manager of Lev Ins Cyber Project Oren Elimelech a Guest Speaker on the Largest Cybersecurity Conference in the Middle East – GISEC

The biggest cybersecurity conference held in the Arabian Gulf - Gulf Information Security Expo & Conference- GISEC opened its gates on May 31 and will continue for three days. The event is happening ...

13 май, 2021

Phishing is still the most popular type of cybercrime

Phishing is a cybercrime with which the targets are contacted via email, telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data such ...

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