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15 окт, 2021

Lev Ins lends a hand to Telematics

The Executive Director of Lev Ins Insurance Company, Valentin Iliev, took part in the Ninth Logistics Business Conference, which was held in Sofia under the motto "Intelligent Logistics: Win the ...

21 сеп, 2021

A new beginning for Lev Ins in Poland

The most innovative Bulgarian insurance company opens its new partner office in the heart of the capital of one of the most successful European economies. As we aim high, we are already in the tallest ...

20 сеп, 2021

Lev Ins – an official sponsor of the first Autumn auto-retro salon and parade

The largest insurance company in Bulgaria Lev Ins joined as an official sponsor the first edition of the Autumn Auto-Retro Salon and a parade organized by the Sofia Auto-Retro Club (SARC).

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